open evening – the voice of youth!

The evening opened with the stage being taken over by a group of 2nd year actors from the theatre school- if you sneaked in beforehand you would have seen some improvised Shakespeare, evidence that if you give a group of young actors a free theatre they can create anything! They performed for the young audience two songs from their forthcoming performance of Cider with Rosie opening on the 7th May at the Redgrave Theatre. It was fantastic to see the stage being used and the captivated audience were desperate for them to continue.Dick opened the meeting with a few words introducing the topic open for discussion- the theatres commitment to young people. This was chosen in light of the recent plan from the Government supporting the creative industries published on 22nd February.I then chaired what was a highly exhilarating conversation between the young people in the audience. Their ideas were vast and hugely insightful. From the type of plays they would like to see performed to being able to use the front of house in a more sociable way on a daily basis.A huge thank you to everyone who attended and contributed- your comments and ideas were invaluable.This discussion cannot stop now please add your comments to this blog, join the facebook group tell us your ideas and most importantly continue to follow what is happening at the theatre- get involved!Amy Belson


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