It’s that time of year again…

The sun is shining (at least occasionally) and the spring has sprung, which can only mean one thing – Mayfest. And this year’s line up promises to be both playful and audacious. There is no better atmosphere at Bristol Old Vic, than when Mayfest is in town. A real sense of excitement generated by so many creative minds pulling in the same direction.This year we are being treated to a feast of performances, including a four-storey high hotel on the waterfront with an open side so audiences can watch, and eavesdrop on via headsets, the lives of the guests. It’s this kind of thinking outside the box which really defines the ethos of the festival. Also on offer is Trilogy, by Nic Green – a dance performed by volunteering naked women!Be it for the shows, or the atmosphere – or even for the funky old antique furniture which adorns the cafes, MayFest is about transforming the theatre into a hub of alternative, creative art. And its reach spreads further than just our fourth wall. The Tobacco Factory, The Brewery and a host of non-theatre performance spaces will all be getting in on the act and providing a wide spectrum of live experiences.It is impossible to get a clear view of the scope of Mayfest without a brochure, so get yourself down to the theatre, grab one and a coffee and get choosing!


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