Fri 7th May = Lift Off…

By Friday 7th May 2010 we’ll all be getting used to something new, be it in Yellow, Red or Blue…But casting ours eyes away from the ballot boxes and focusing on Bristol Old Vic brings a view of Mayfest. For a month, Bristol will host some of the most contemporary and exciting new theatre happening at the moment.Friday night will see in the festival in style with an opening party being held at Bristol Old Vic. Last year this was a raucous affair and this term should be no different. The eclectic mix of old furniture, typical of the Mayfest make-over, is in place and the little stage area in the Stall Bar erected. All we need now are some willing participants to grab a drink, mingle and be merry. All in the name of Mayfest.Come along for a right old laugh, and grab a brochure while you’re here so you can start to plan your shows. That’s an event in itself! 


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