A little bit of history repeating…

Last night saw Tom Morris and Emma Stenning take to the main stage at the Public Meeting, where the plans for redevelopment were explained. At an exciting time for the theatre, it seems that some extensive digging into the building’s history has provided a spring board for its renaissance as long forgotten quirks are being re-imagined for a contemporary audience.The focus for the redevelopment is flexibility. We want to create a space where artists can work withthe auditorium rather than against it. It is even hoped that three or four shows will be able to run at the same time, creating a real buzz in the complex – an bubbling creative hub.The refurbishment will take place in four stages, with the theatre staying open throughout. Bristol Old Vic will also collaborate with other venues around the city during this transitional phase so that the shows can, as they must, go on.The biggest change, which is intrinsic to the ethos of the redevelopment, is the flexible seating which will be housed in the room adjacent to the main stage. This will provide another 250 seats and open up the possibilities afforded by our fantastic, state of the art and already existing fly tower. It also means that there could be performances in traverse in the main house!Other exciting features mentioned at the Public Meeting were the announced opening up of the ‘1800s Bar’ which is situated between the Upper Circle and The Gallery and has been dormant for around a hundred years and the re-opening of the Thunder Run above the main stage.So, exciting times indeed!

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