The Misanthrope – Stage Manager’s blog (Pt2)

So, it’s Thursday lunchtime and I am now in possession of two Habitat chaise longues! One is the right colour but the wrong way round, the other is the right way round but the wrong colour. Both are chic, modern and wonderfully comfy but not right for us. The one we want…. is still in Manchester!

After a rather fraught couple of hours figuring out how we can retrieve the final chaise longue and wondering whether I can sell the idea of a beautiful velvet, but very red, chaise to the our designer for his neutrally coloured set. I have no finger nails left but luckily as I write, the ASM is rattling towards Manchester in a van – and so by opening night, all will be well in our chic loft in Paris….

With every production, nothing is presented that hasn’t been thought about, deliberated on and chosen with care. The chair on stage was, until a week ago, bright blue but has been lovingly restored. The silver rims on the coffee cups were sprayed on by hand, even the size of the ‘Sortie’ sign has gone through a couple of changes!

If we’ve done our job the overall look will feel just right. We hope people don’t get distracted by anything we do but when you come and see this wonderful production please take a look around our stage and notice the details and the small things – there’s a story attached to every one.

More info on The Misanthrope

Polly Meech

Stage Manager – The Misanthrope


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