The Misanthrope – Stage Manager’s blog (Pt3)

Tuesday 28 Sept

Day 2 of tech and we are whizzing forwards our dress tonight. There have been a few wobbles with the stairs – because of space issues they are steep and alternate step. I have to say the actresses are far braver than I, they are all wearing chic but rather tight outfits and vertiginous heels. I waddle up and down in my flat stage management shoes while they seem to ascend with grace and poise atop their skyscrapers – sometimes in the dark! I have often thought actresses are a different breed to humans, I think this may prove it. I’m so glad they can though as the only way in to the set is up those stairs.

Oh for all who are following the story of the chaise – we’re on version 4 now and it’s looking like a keeper, we had to change they fabric on the chair, but that really is another story….


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