Venue Open Space 3

Whatever else is happening elsewhere, we’re in the Basement now – scene of many an illustrious debut – and talking about intentions and character. It seems to cut to the quick about what today’s all about – well, it does, if you’re a writer. What seems strange is how rarely writers, performers and directors come together to work on a piece like this. As if writers exist in a cupboard. There’s a general sense that ‘we should do this more often’ – which I remember from last year’s Jam as well.

After the ‘closing circle’, when with the aid of the ‘talking flower’ many reiterate the day’s surprises and discoveries (and food: food and theatre should happen together more often is a sentiment that’s seconded at least four times), we descend to the Basement again for an ad-hoc ‘extra’ session. There is, in the bowels of the theatre, a species of euphoria and a brilliantly funny script about figs. There’s also some ad hoc telling of pirate yarns. We’re still talking as the lights go out. Do we really have to go home?

Should you be around for Jam-ness forthcoming, come and say hello. We’re not hard to miss. Up there when you first come in. Near the bar. Venue’s Blogging Corner. With ‘The Modern Grocer’ and a telephone.


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