Kneehigh’s Anna Mansell updates us on progress with The Wild Bride down at The Barns.

Things are progressing nicely with The Wild Bride.  Over the last three weeks the company have spent time at the barns making the show and having watched the run through on Friday, we are all super excited to bring the show on tour to Bristol.It’s looking brilliant; a really, really strong cast – the three women playing The Wild Bride at different stages in her life are just gorgeous. Stu Mcloughlin’s voice is on top form, Fluff – for those of you that know him – is taking things all in his stride as he moves from musician to unwitting performer in the role (Blind Fluffy Johnson), not to mention a new guy – Stu Goodwin – who has poignancy, comic timing and some cracking accents in abundance. There is some incredible physical movement/dance in the show as much as there is some brilliant music and good old fashioned story telling.The balance of former Kneehigh perfomers and a couple of new faces is working really well and we have a happy company preparing for the opening down here in a couple of weeks. We filmed a little teaser promo last week. Find it here: The Wild BrideSee you soon!AnnaKneehigh


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