Last week the Good Clown Bad Clown team did a week of development on the show. Alison Fitzjohn who will be playing Dolly Dimple, kept a diary of the week for us so you could have a peek behind the scenes.

It’s such an unusual time when you first start a show. You’re full of anxiety, excitement, anticipation and eagerness. You have so many questions: who am I going to be working with? Will I get on with them? Will the show be successful? Will I be able to deliver the standard they are wanting from me? I always liken it to a first day at school actually. It’s near enough the exact same feeling.

Writing this now at the end of the week I realise I am going to be working with two fabulous, friendly actors (Chris Farish and Ian Summers) and I am sure the show will bring much joy to all the audiences that come through the Studio doors. We had non-stop laughs throughout the week and it made the rehearsals a total pleasure.


It’s encouraging when a first week progresses like this. The team involved seem to have the same passion for the show, the same sense of direction and the knowledge to make this show fun for all the family. We were lucky to have the writer, Renata, join us for the week as well as having John, the director, Liesel and Amy, the set and costume designers, and Jen and Andy the stage managers there. They were collectively able to shape the show and give us plenty to think about! The best shows that I have been involved in have had the whole team working together like this. Anyway, I’m excited thinking about what’s to come – I think you should be too!


Throughout the week many of the themes of the show came bursting through the scenes. Excitement bubbled inside me about the comical routines that will be included. Audiences can expect tumbles, throws, squirting water, red noses, multiple flamboyant characters and custard pies!

I think in November when we start rehearsing properly it will be really physical and challenging! It made us all realise just how much circus performers must train and practise to be able to present such slick and crisp shows. I’m really thrilled about being able to develop this particular skill and work so closely with the boys to choreograph these routines. It’s going to be a task to get them as slick as we want them but I think we are all up to the challenge!

However, there was also a lot of pressure on us during the week. It wasn’t an easy journey and we were expected to give a little taster to the supporting team from Bristol Old Vic at the end of it. We had to learn a 37 page script being roughly learnt in just one week! We were all finishing rehearsals and then going home and working on our lines in our own time, but our hard work paid off in the end.


Luckily everyone was laughing and smiling and it seemed like everyone left the room happier than they were when they first entered. It was great to feel that energy and I think it made everyone involved really excited about what is to come at Christmas. It’s just a shame that we now have about 2 months to twiddle our thumbs! We will all be itching to get back into that circus ring!


Personally, living in Bristol and working as an actor in your home town is just amazing. Especially at Christmas! It’s kind of the ideal situation really so I see myself as very lucky indeed! I have been acting for about 10 years now in various different shows and spaces all over the UK and I have to say the atmosphere at Bristol Old Vic is really quite special. Such positive energy and passion in everyone I have come in to contact with so far. What a fantastic job! You are reading words from one happy lady…

See you in November. Buy your tickets to the circus today!



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