Ella Good & Nicki Kent’s Wild Thing I Love You


Wild Thing I Love You is a performance project that documents a real journey across America to see if Bigfoot is out there. We’ve been working on the piece for around three months now, and recently showed a short work-in-progress at The Wardrobe Theatre. Since then we’ve developed many aspects of the work, and are looking forward to showing it at Ferment. It will be a 25-minute showing of what we imagine to be the beginning section of the work. 

Some of the things you will see and hear in the piece are:

  • Long road journeys
  •  Foreign but familiar places
  • Subtitles guiding us through the film
  • Conversations
  • Glimpses of the woods
  • Panoramic views
  • Long tracking shots
  • Secret recordings and muffled voices
  • The radio

Jess Mansel has been documenting our process and working with us a dramaturg/researcher. Here is an image of some of the documentation she has produced, focusing on mapping the recent showing.

Wild Thing I Love You is part of the Ferment this January 2012 on Thursday the 12th at 6pm at the Bristol Old Vic

Buy Tickets here


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