Jo Bannon: Artist Residency


Live art and performance artist Jo Bannon will be undertaking a week long residency at the RWA to develop Exposure, her current project. Exposure is the beginning of an investigation into how we look, how we are looked at and if we can ever really be seen. It comes out of a tentative enquiry the artist is making into autobiography and how she looks and appears in the world. This is informed by her relationship to albinism, a condition that affects the artist’s pigmentation and sight, affecting both how she physically sees and experiences the world and how she is seen and perceived within it.

Her work is interested in using the materiality of light; retinal scans, over exposed photographs and the camera lens as eye to explore the complex relationship we have between looking and being seen. Her practice, although interdisciplinary in nature, is almost always live and works with performance, interaction and presence caused by the encounter of performer and audience.

In this particular work I am especially interested in this exchange as I explore how, and how fully, we can reveal ourselves – to ourselves, to another, with another.

“Jo Bannon has created a rare opportunity: Not to look at someone, but to look with someone. She does this delicately, inviting and returning the audience’s gaze. In revealing herself, she helps the audience to look at themselves. Bannon creates a safe place, where it’s OK to look, together.”

Seth Kriebel, Director of Rules and Regs

Jo Bannon will be developing this project over spring 2012 and will be undertaking a number of residencies at UK venues including the RWA, Battersea Arts Centre, The Basement, Inbetween Time Productions, Residence and Arnolfini. Previously Jo has presented work throughout the UK and Europe at BAC, Arnolfini, National Theatre, Performance Art Depot, Spill Festival, Bristol Old Vic, Mayfest, Schwankhalle and Inbetween Time Festival. She is a founder member of Residence and also works as a freelance producer of performance and live art (for more information, visit her website

Credits: Exposure was initially developed with the support of Rules and Regs and South Hill Park. Further development is supported by Bristol Ferment with the RWA, Arnolfini, Residence, BAC, InbetweenTime Productions and The Basement. Supported by Arts Council England.

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