Hello from the world of Ferment…

A very good afternoon to you all!


Given that Ferment hosts such a wealth of talent, we figured we ought to tell you about it from time to time. So here we are, letting you know what we’re up to behind the scenes and where in the world you can see some of the fabulous Ferment-developed shows.

Rehearsals for the epic project Beyond by Karla Shacklock and company have kicked off over at the Looking Glass last week and the warm up sessions (the collaboration with Ferment and DanceSpace Bristol) is having an amazing response.  Join in the warm-ups Mon-Fri 10am-11.30am for only a squid. No booking, just drop in with a golden coin and get sweaty.

If you are curious about the developments of Beyond then check out amazingly stylish Blog which has diaries from the performers, trailer, images and gives you an insight to how the team is working http://goingfurtherbeyond.blogspot.co.uk/

Sprint Loves Ferment! If you are down in London, then head over to Sprint Festival at Camden People’s Theatre. There are several Fermented shows in the mix including Psychodrama (last week) by Sam Halmarack and Tom Wainright.

This week catch Wild Thing I Love You, by Ella Good and Nicki Kent http://www.cptheatre.co.uk/event_details.php?sectionid=theatre&eventid=486&searchid=current

And My Robot Heart by Molly Naylor and The Middle Ones http://www.cptheatre.co.uk/event_details.php?sectionid=theatre&eventid=488&searchid=current

Both projects featured in the Ferment Festival back in January. There

That’s all for now. Enjoy the sunshine. Until next time.

Team Ferment



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