Hello from Ferment-world!



Well, the sun is back. But it’s still really cold. But it looks like it should be hot. But it’s not Summer. But it feels like Summer. Anyway…

Hello! This week, the country is jam packed with Ferment projects to see, be it in Bristol, London, Salisbury, Whitchurch, or even Leeds (I know! Leeds!). Check it:


Howard, Craig and Stu, of Living Spit, are creating comedy gold for The Six Wives of Henry VIII which opens on Wednesday (at 2pm) for 4 weeks in our Basement studio. Come down! They dance, they joke, they tell a lovely story, and they sweat a bit. Do it. Book now. It’s really really great.

 Remember Discombobulated? The fabulous Ferment-developed show that had a run at the Brewery with Mercy and Angus? Well they’re on tour; they’re up Salisbury right now. Tell your friends out in the sticks to go check it out immediately.

Dates: 18 April – Salisbury Playhouse, 19 April – The Talbot Theatre, Whitchurch (Arts Alive), 21 April  – CarriageWorks, Leeds.


And finally, we’re terribly excited that Forest Fringe are having their season at the Gate Theatre in London with much Fermented action. Here’s the programme:




Here’s what Andy Field has to say:


The fact that there are so many pieces that in our Gate programme that are also tangled up with Bristol Ferment is no great surprise to me. Ferment is one of the best places in the country for unusual theatre artists to develop their work; supportive yet open, providing both space and big, enthusiastic audiences and always just curated enough to support broad range of artists without feeling exclusive or impenetrable. I first saw Dan Canham’s brilliant 30 Cecil Street at Ferment, thanks to a recommendation from the brilliant Kate Yedigaroff and later that year it became one of the most beautiful and important parts of our Edinburgh programme, and the last show ever to happen in our old home on Bristo Place. Now Dan in turn has curated a number of Ferment artists as part of his week at the Gate and I hope that this won’t be the last time we work with all of them either. And I’m sure I’ll be back at the Old Vic at some point soon for the next Ferment; sitting myself down in dark, waiting for something unexpected, anticipating something great and frequently finding it. 

Andy Field – Co-Director of Forest Fringe

 Coming soon… Beyond, Karla Shacklock’s immersive project which kicks off next week, Monday night all the way through to Sunday! Check out the rehearsal diaries and hear what the performers have to say on their blog: http://goingfurtherbeyond.blogspot.co.uk



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