If anyone has walked past the backstage entrance to Bristol Old Vic this week, you might have seen quite a bit of activity. The doors have arrived! Three lorry-loads in fact.  We have doors for the auditorium, doors for rehearsal rooms, doors for boiler rooms, doors for server rooms, doors for cupboards, doors for toilets, front doors, back doors, stable doors (not really that one). You name it, we’ve got a door for it.  

Doors, windows…it’s all sounding reassuringly domestic after the tonnes of concrete, cables and scaffolding. The only things we’re missing are the keys – but that’s for another day…



One thought on “Doors!

  1. rogerwatts Howell says:

    Wow! That’s great to see… I’m sure they’ll compliment the surviving three 1766 doors to the theatre’s 1766 front boxes! Let’s hope so… Cannot wait for this theatre to re-open in September… and for the secret events before!

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