Hello from the world of Ferment: Pulse, a buttercup and some sort of country fair…


Oh well hello. Hello from the Ferment – The Ferment currently residing in IPSWICH, home of the Pulse Fringe. Yes, it’s May/June and it’s time for another festival. Not just any old festival though. One which is run by a member of the Ferment; with other members of the Ferment featuring very heavily.

So the festival is 5 days in and already Dan Canham with Ours Was the Fen Country has blown the socks of Pulse audience members. How flipping brilliant is that show? Brilliant, a whole load of brilliant. Jack Dean represented the wonder of Bristol with his beautiful and lyrical love letter to the city, Under Stokes Croft. Jessie Percival with I Never Did… showed us the bones of a dance piece ready to take flight and The Mechanical Animal Corporation set heads spinning with the aural/visual feast that is Jonny Head in the Air. And we’re only halfway there… Sam Halmarack, Tom Wainwright and Kate Yedigaroff are probably somewhere on the M4 legging it over here to do some shows (Psychodrama, Miserabilites, Buttercup – pulsefringe.com) and to generally get a feel for their Eastern cousins. If you have people over this way, send them in to check out the West Country talent (and other areas of course, but we have to shout about the West Country massive innit?).

So there you go. Pulse Fringe is well and truly running. It’s a good job there’s a tiny break before the next hot event of the summer. Yes, correct I refer of course to the JULY FERMENT FORTNIGHT! I’m talking new things, faces old and new and some sort of country fair…

Over here Ferment love child (and now Bristol Old Vic Associate Artist) Adam Peck is getting ready in the studio. Only Us is on it’s way.
It’s the exentended version of Adam’s story Only which he performed last year with us and this spring on an outreach tour around Bristol. Here’s a read on the rather special making of…

See you in the studio next week!

Love Team Ferment


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