Briefly describe for us what your show is about?
The play is about a group of old university friends who get together in the heat of the summer in the south of France and their old jealousies, sexual tensions and class conflicts all come to the surface.

Is it similar to what you’ve done previously or are you trying something new?
It is a different kind of play to those I’ve written before. It’s sunny for a start.

Describe it for us in three words.
Are friends family?

How will it make people feel? / What do you want it to make people think about?
It should be funny and tense. I would like to make people think about social groups, friendship groups and class groups and if they exist in the way that we now see them.

What stage will it be at in its development when we see it in July?
An early draft.

What elements in particular are you looking forward to testing out on Ferment audiences?
I am just interested to see how the audience respond to the characters. If they like them or hate them. If they identify.

What are your personal highlights of July’s Ferment Fortnight?
Hattie Naylor and Tom Wainwright.


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