Flinty Red at Bristol Old Vic

We’re delighted to announce that Flinty Red will be taking residency in our first floor cafe bar, where they will be providing a delicious menu of tapas, charcuterie and cheeses accompanied by expertly chosen wines. There will be a pre-theatre menu of tapas every evening for the first few weeks, as we ease our way into the first season in the new theatre.

By mid-October we hope to be providing an all day service of breakfast, lunch and dinner, accompanied with tasty baked goods and fresh coffee. They will also be working with our staff to make sure our bars are stocked with a marvellous selection of drinks and snacks.

You can find out further information or reserve a table by calling our box office on 0117 987 7887. If you’d like to read more about Flinty Red visit www.flintyred.co.uk.


“The kind of place that’s made for a long-term relationship, rather than just a one-night-stand.” Tracey Macleod, The Independent



One thought on “Flinty Red at Bristol Old Vic

  1. themimic says:

    I very much enjoyed the food, drink and friendly service before the play on Saturday, but look forward to a bit of improvement in the surroundings – perhaps some pictures on the wall and the introduction of a bit more colour? I also wonder if the pay as you go/only one till system might lead to a few bottlenecks as curtain-up approaches. Really hope the venture works out though, and I’ll be back when you’ve settled in.

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