Bristol Jam: An Interview with Sara Pascoe

Rising star of British comedy Sara Pascoe will be taking to our stage during Bristol Jam in a totally improvised show, MEGAPROV! We had a little chat with her to get some clues about what we can expect. And you know what? She is one funny lady.


What will you be doing at Jam?
I have taken the A-team approach, collected together the best improvisers that I have ever seen (with the lure of big money/loads of sexy chicks) and convinced them to come to Bristol for the biggest and best improv party that has ever happened.

Jam is about improvisation and the unexpected. What do you hope might happen?
Well I hope that it will be very entertaining and that peoples’ minds will be blown and that it is so good, the audience don’t believe it is improvised, they stand up and say so, and then I say “but how could we have scripted it? It was all based on your suggestions?” and then they will say that all of those people were just plants and that we had paid them to be there and then I would say “how is that financially viable?” and the audience would say “good point” and then sit down and shut up like a good audience should.

What is the last thing that could happen?
I hope that nobody dies because they were having too great a time. Although that will at least mean they died happy…I’m not sure how much that will console their loved ones, maybe I would come and perform at the funeral for free? But no, in all seriousness, I should charge, I’m not a charity. How else will i afford to keep myself in sexy chicks?  

What moments in your life have caused you to deal with the unexpected or have forced you to improvise?
Human beings are improvising all the time, every conversation we have, it is really not all that terrifying…until someone says “DO IT ON STAGE IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE AND IT BETTER BE FUNNY”. Luckily I’m freakin hilarious so I don’t feel the pressure, but some normal people have told me that they find it really hard.

Have you been to Jam before?
NO! But I’m very excited about coming this time!

Why are you a committed improviser?
Because a magical thing happens when a group of people (perfomers and spectators and technician) all create together a series of ephemeral moments that exist for a mere second and are then gone. They may be beautiful, like a butterfly. Or terrible, like used toilet paper. But only those present were at their brief birth and death. Like unlucky midwives. 

Will you be attending any other Jam events
You bet, and with yo’ mamma.

Megaprov! is on Friday 9 November at 8pm, tickets start at £8 and can be bought online or from the Bristol Old Vic Box Office on 0117 9877877. 


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