An Interview with Daffyd James, co-creator of Sue: The Second Coming

 The final performance of this January’s Ferment Fortnight will be Daffyd James & Ben Lewis with Sue: The Second Coming or Sue’s Christmas Carols. We nabbed a few moments with Daffyd to talk about the show...

Briefly describe for us what your show is about?
Sue: The Second Coming will be a Christmas sequel to the Total Theatre Award Winning My Name is Sue, which told the story of a piano-wielding prophet from Wales.
 Now, together with her band ‘The Sues’, she wants to invite you into her lounge once again to share in her own unique take on Christmas. You might, however, end up helping her fulfill her life-long ambition to play Mary in a nativity, and possibly witness the birth of the new Messiah.


Now describe in 3 words
Demented Christmas Drag

Is it similar to something you’ve done previously or are you trying something new?
Yes, but we’re excited to see how we might be able to push the character and form further.

How will it make people feel?/What will it make people think about?
God knows. Seriously, he might do. Sue has a direct line to him.

What stage will it be at?
Quite an early stage. We’re hoping to share a few songs that will potentially be part of the show. She will also only be accompanied by two Sues. The other has gone a-wandering after a misunderstanding over Baked Alaska.

What elements in particular are you looking forward to testing it out on Ferment audiences?  
If the songs are entertaining, if the story telling is clear and how audience-interaction might work. It would also be interesting to hear other things that people would like to experience in the show.

What are your personal highlights of the line-up for January’s Ferment Fortnight?
The sheer eclecticism of it all makes it all very much appealing, but Sue wants to see Lady Gogo Goch & A Journey Round My Skull as they ‘consider women, Welshness, medicine and massive voices’; she is convinced that it is a show about her.

Daffyd James and Ben Lewis will performed on Sat 2 Feb as part of Ferment Fortnight. Find out more here.



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