An Interview with Will Adamsdale, writer and performer of The Victorian in the Wall

Fuelfest is almost upon us and Will Adamsdale’s The Victorian in the Wall is one of the productions featured. Here in the office we’ve been completely wooed by the trailer, and have been singing it in the office, the staff kitchen and the auditorium (Knock it through pleeeeeease…”). Intrigued, we sent a carrier pigeon all the way to London to interview him for the blog.

What’s your show about?
A flannelly writer with relationship issues has some building work done in his flat and to everyone’s amazement finds a Victorian man in the wall..

Describe it in three words.
Comedy with soul?

What was the inspiration for this show?
There was no single inspiration – I had some work done on my own flat and the builders found an old newspaper– I like the idea of stories literally buried in a wall.


Have you ever had a strange, otherworldly experience similar to having a Victorian in your wall?
No specific comparable experience, but in the crazed sleep deprived world of rehearsals and getting a show ready the line between reality and fiction can seriously begin to blur. I am interested in what you can make happen yourself. Willing something to happen and actually having that experience can be the same thing. Think of how some evangelical preachers operate. It doesn’t really matter that it’s not real – you are still having the experience. Everyone wants to have unusual experiences..

If you could have someone or something living in your wall who or what would it be?
I might already have mice… I think that space is filled. I work a lot at night and they come out and say hi. My wife is not so happy about it….

What is your ideal audience member like?
I am not sure there is such thing and I don’t get to choose anyhow! It would be great if they are sitting forward rather than back – and their arms aren’t crossed! Just being up for it really..

What’s next for the show and for you?
Touring around the UK to 12 venues finishing with 3 weeks at The Royal Court in London in May & June.

Will Adamsdale is appearing in The Victorian in the Wall at Bristol Old Vic from 21-23 Mar as part of Fuelfest. Find out more here.


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