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So we’ve ‘done’ Edinburgh. It was great. We’ve put together a tidy a round up (see below) but first we need to cover Sleepdogs and Dan Canham at the National Theatre Shed, Ed Rapley doing his Self Trilogy and the internationally acclaimed theatre company Gecko, who will soon be landing on our doorstep and onto the big stage with Missing.

Limited Editions at the National Theatre Shed

Coming up this autumn, we are immensely proud to see the magnificent Sleepdogs and wonderful Stillhouse representing West Country style at the National Theatre Shed. The beauty of life in the Ferment means we are privy to glimpses into the process along the way and, as such, we all (this stretches citywide) feel very much a part of both of these shows. Limited Editions ‘sees some of Britain’s most exciting new theatre-makers visit The Shed for a series of limited runs’.

We’re heading up to see them in all their glory this month and it would be awesome to fill the Shed with a home crowd! Let’s do it.

Also showing, The Wardrobe Theatre’s Riot. Lots of good things happening. And they all happened here FIRST.

Find out more here.

Photograph by Pilot Nights

Photograph by Pilot Nights

Ed Rapley…

Is an extraordinary gentleman. He is inviting us to his Self Trilogy, you should go, it’s really quite eye-opening. A fascinating account of the journey of an artist, from the eager early days to the end.

“…go and see it, no matter how little time you have left”

Audience feedback

Find out more here.

Gecko's Missing

Gecko’s Missing

In order to give you a bit of background and state my case as to why you should come I will talk about one of Gecko’s previous shows first.

I’ve seen Gecko’s The Overcoat over thirty times. I’d watch it again today. There is a joy to watching their work because they don’t show the strings. Gecko create unrivalled theatrical magic and I cannot urge you enough to come and see this piece of work. Regardless of what your favourite type of theatre is, I guarantee you will take something away with you. It’s not often we host this type of exceptional work in the city and we must embrace it wholeheartedly so that we might see much more of it here!

“If you can manage to get a seat I would urge you to do so, and FAST …the most amazing evening of theatre”

What’s On Stage

Find out more here.

The rootin’ tootin’ Ferment in Edinburgh round up!

I Could've Been Better

Idiot Child with I Could’ve Been Better

Nominated for Total Theatre Award (wahoo!)

“a quirky, bittersweet tale of unusual love, loneliness and unfulfilled desire”

Sam Halmarack

Sam Halmarack & the Miserablites

“something about Halmarack’s conviction makes this is a uplifting experience in a way that goes beyond the genuine pleasure to be had from the music”


“go and see @miserablites because it’s one of the greatest things in the world”

Tweet from @sparkerrees

Ours Was The Fen Country

Dan Canham’s Ours Was the Fen Country

A lovely mention as one to watch from the British Council Edinburgh Showcase team.

“Still House have quite remarkably managed to make something that it beautiful, lyrical and fascinating”

Highly Recommended Show
Fringe Review

More Reviews: Total Theatre, Festmag, Bellyflop, A Younger Theatre

From the Twittersphere:

“@dancanham’s Ours Was the Fen Country is @DanceBase. Subtle, weighty and beautiful dance theatre will haunt you long after you leave. GO SEE”

Tweet from @MadelineDances

“And then another great thing: @dancanham ‘s Ours Was the Fen Country @DanceBase Lament for a disappearing landscape and way of life.”

Tweet from @JohnLord52

“@dancanham Just seen Ours Was the Fen Country for the second time ~ Magnificent, bold, lucid, moving, innovative, touching, enthralling.”

Tweet from @GarryPlatt

“Ours Was The Fen Country by @dancanham is my fringe recommendation. It is beautiful, thoughtful and gave me hope for the British dance scene”

Tweet from @BryonyKimmings


Jo Bannon’s Exposure

A lovely mention as one to watch from the British Council Edinburgh Showcase team.


“Jo Bannon’s Exposure, which questions the act of looking itself, is an extraordinary 10 minutes which considers not just how we look but what we choose to look at too.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

The Islanders

The Islanders

“a thing assembled with love, like an old mix-tape, dug out of a drawer and played years later.”

Must See Show
The Stage

More reviews: A Younger Theatre, Broadway Baby, TV Bomb, Festmag, The Public Reviews, The Skinny, Herald Scotland, Geek News

Action Hero

Action Hero’s Hoke’s Bluff

Part of the British Council Showcase.

“Action Hero is unique and interesting: I didn’t have this idea of the UK’s image of USA society. In Asia, outside Europe, there’s a very different image… For us, Europe and the USA both have big power and great influence, but in our eyes they’re not so different. So it was interesting to see that the UK view expressed in Action Hero is much more delicate and personal, much more nuanced in the details of the relationship.”

Edinburgh Showcase Blog
by Mariko Tsukaguchi, PARC, Japan

More reviews: The Guardian, Festmag, Free News POS, Local UK News

Blogs: Dan Hutton

So that was nice.

There are many more things coming up but this will turn into a novel, and no one wants that at the start of term.

Team Ferment.

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