Roy’s Diary: Week 1

Roy Weskin: World Cup legend (OK, well he was at THE final in 1966 and he’s in our cast, so it’s good enough for us) has been keeping a diary throughout the rehearsal period for our summer show, World Cup Final 1966.

Serialised (like the autobiographies of the great footballing legends) but not ghost-written (unlike the autobiographies of the great footballing legends), follow his journey from pre-squad selection to match fit in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a life in training in Roy’s Diary.

Week 1 -Vital Stats:

Highlights: So many amongst this triumphant first week – A master class in mime from Les Bubb. Half a cast speared to death with planks during a particularly tragic scene, acted out in the style of a Western. Training away for the day at the exotic Bristol City Football Club ground.

Lowlights: Our star player entering a scene as the dourest of men, Bobby Charlton, as he realises he is God. ‘Gloria’ plays in the background. Roy comments: “Not sure about psychological implications of this. May need therapy”.

Man of the match: After a brief early appearance from Cliff Richard, the inaugural MOTM has to go to the sexy sax playing hero himself, Roy.

Final score: 2-1. A blinder of a first week from our very own Weskin and squad. Starting the week with the most fleeting of tentative moments, but a strong team with a bright future promise a win this season.


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