Roy’s Diary: Week 2

Getting down to the nitty gritty, where characters are beginning to take physical shape, it’s vital that the World Cup Final 1966 team is in tip top condition as they enter week 2 of rehearsal. Constant focus, strive to drive forward and pure technical ability are put to the ultimate test as a mysterious new player enters the game – known only as Sylvia.

In a week that saw Roy rippling his non-existent muscles and puffing a lot, we delve deeper into the rehearsal process and get unprecedented access to training through the eyes of the man himself, Roy Weskin.

Week 2 -Vital Stats:

Highlights: General organised mayhem triumphs this week. A positive and energy-filled approach to play reaps rewards for the squad in a week filled with gruelling warm ups, crazy-character development. Highest moment: a brief respite from play to appreciate the finer things in life – a  19th Century replica ship in the docks, its red furled sails beautifully hit by setting sun.

Lowlights: The unfortunate realities of life as a creative – in a world where story rules, much loved and cared for exchanges must be sacrificed to achieve an ultimate vision.

Man of the match: Sylvia.

Final score: 1-0 The second week of rehearsals is like the difficult second album, but Weskin and team handle the hurdle well – playing to individual strengths and overcoming obstacles in the quest for a smash hit win.

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