Roy’s Diary: Week 3

Stomach crunches. Twanging muscles. Remedial walking lessons. It’s all kicking off in the World Cup Final 1966 rehearsal room this week.

Our midfielder, Roy Weskin, lets us in on all the squad secrets and the dressing room gossip as he embarks upon a true test of stamina – the fated third week of rehearsals.

Week 3 -Vital Stats:

Highlights: From 6′ 3″ actors on trolleys to friends in high places – this week has been the ultimate in team bonding. Learning to talk backwards is surely on a par with perfecting a header, the skills of the squad grow stronger and stronger as the days go by.

Lowlights: Being thwacked by passing branches on an open top bus victory tour of Bristol. Our dedicated and patriotic squad will let nothing, not even fast moving branches, dampen their team spirit… all in the name of the beautiful game!

Man of the match: Bryony Rutter, our Deputy Stage Manager, for keeping “the book” the most accurate and up-to-date player manual on the planet.

Final score: 3-1. Playing as a unit, the World Cup Final 1966 team are looking exceedingly strong, gaining a massive advantage this week. Equipped with the new found ability to tackle anything (including branches) that might fly their way, the squad look intent on lifting that trophy this season.

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