Ferment Fortnight: THE WORLD OF WORK – difficult|stage

The World Of Work – A Blog by Katy Owen

Mornings I find difficult. I always start off well. I start off by trying my best. Exercises and an antibacterial spritz around the hand basin…that sort of carry-on. After ‘Women’s Hour’ however, I’ll be convinced that I have an aggressive, inoperable tumour and haunted by an image of a mistreated donkey I’ve googled on the internet.


A cheese board and an 80’s power ballad is often what I turn to for succour. Cheese, it is well know, gives you ‘cheese face’ and nobody wants that. In a state of semi-panic regarding my imminent decline and inevitable death, I’ll call my friend Hannah. Hannah won’t answer and so I’ll succumb to a lavish fantasy about how busy and important Hannah is and how she’s most probably sat around her natural-wood top dining table, with her Scandinavian husband – Jorgensen. They’ll be laughing about an incident involving a crusty baguette they shared on the coast of Southern France and how that led to their new gluten free mind set…” Best decision we ever made Poops!”

I’ll do a quiz to see if I have any disabilities I could be claiming for and another entitled ‘What type of inbred dog are you?’. I’ll wonder if someone will come and collect me soon….I’d like to be collected. So I stand by the window and wait.

difficultstage.com | @difficultstage

The World Of Work
Bristol Old Vic Studio
Fri 18 Jul, 9.30pm
Ages 16+

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