#BRISTOLPROMS DAY 3 – Prombassadors: Lina B. Frank

Lina B Frank  Illustration by Maja Bergström-Svahn

Lina B Frank
Illustration by Maja Bergström-Svahn

Lina B. Frank
Lina is originally from Sweden, based in Bristol working as a Producer. She loves working with performance that really connects its audience and is highly stimulating for the senses: visually, sonically, geographically or all at once.

The highlight of my evening was watching Charles Hazlewood’s All Star Collective / danceroom Spectroscopy with their version of Rainbow in Curved Air. A mesmerizing immersive hour with food for vision, ears, brain, heart and thought.

I hardly ever go to gigs because I miss a vision-based focus point. Here I got more than I bargained for.

Imagine lying on your back in the grass on a clear summer day. Small breeze in the air, you have your headphones on with pacey and loud music that you like a lot. Overhead the sun is blistering and there are fast moving clouds. The clouds sweep over you, you start to see shapes and make up stories and intermittently the sun glistens around the edges of the clouds like flashes. Sometimes you doze off for a while. You don’t know how long you lie there for with the clouds moving overhead.

Lina B Frank - 1

This is what this gig felt like. I got completely lost in this state. Occasionally my grass and clouds transported me to sitting in a huge space shuttle with a lot of other people and we were driving collectively into the sun. Sometimes I was reminded of when I took a picture from directly overhead of my very colourful vegetable soup and applied an instagram filter.

By the end of the show I thought to myself that I had seen the future.

I also thought that this is the end of endless music videos of ladies bobbing their boobs and hot pants up and down. This IS the new music video. I could watch/listen for hours. Although perhaps not forever if the Charles Hazelwood All Stars weren’t playing. Thank you for an amazing hour.

During the gig I jotted down some notes to remember what to talk about in this blog. They make a rather neat piece of surrealist poetry.

I’ll write it here below and only you who read this blog will know what it means…

Dynamic on fastforward
Soup with instagram filter
pace shuttle driving into the sun
This is the end of dancing boobs 

#BRISTOLPROMS DAY 3 – Prombassadors
Guy Withers

2 thoughts on “#BRISTOLPROMS DAY 3 – Prombassadors: Lina B. Frank

  1. rugcode says:

    Reblogged this on rugcode and commented:
    Great review of Charles Hazlewood’s All Star Collective / danceroom Spectroscopy at the Bristol Old Vic last Wednesday.

    I have been describing dS as a sort of drug that you take via your eyes and this confirms it.

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