The Rivals | The best of Bristol with Lucy Briggs-Owen

Lucy Briggs-Owen Social Card.jpg

In the final hours before The Rivals cast take to our stage, we pinned down our local star Lucy Briggs-Owen for a quick Q&A about all things Bristol!

As a local to the area, tell us what your favourite part about being Bristolian is?
I just love the city. I love being able to come back here and enjoy all of the pubs and the bars, the green spaces and all of the architecture. There’s always so much going on; loads of music, there always seems to be lots of delicious food and food markets. And we lay claim to some of old Isambard’s top moments, which is pretty cool. All those things, I’d say!

Which local bars and restaurants are you known to frequent?
I go to Café Kino quite a bit, down in Stokes Croft; delicious vegetarian stuff. In Clifton Village, I love The Primrose Café, I seem to have gone there loads, and also the little Rainbow Café for their delicious fresh scones and tea.

I like The Grain Barge on Anchor Road for a beer. I love Spoke & Stringer. It’s really yummy and a bit of a treat down by the harbourside.

I adore going to Brunel’s Buttery and ordering the biggest bacon and egg sandwich with great big doorstop white bread; absolutely delicious, and a cup of tea.

Care to reveal your favourite Bristol hideaway?
You know the walkway through the cemetery near Victoria Square up in Clifton? I love that spot. I love getting a takeaway coffee and sitting there. Or maybe just go walk up to the lookout on The Downs and look down over the Suspension Bridge and slide down the slidey shiny rock – feel like I’m a kid again. I seem to have managed to do that every year since being a child. It doesn’t get any less fun.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning?
I love going to the Tobacco Factory market and getting some really delicious muffin or a pie… and probably a coffee and then a pint! Followed by a walk around Ashton Court to try and walk it off before I go and find a roast somewhere. That would be a top Sunday morning for me.

Where would your ideal Bristolian date take you?
Maybe we’d start at The Grace and have some nice pints there and maybe wander down Gloucester Road, up via St Andrew’s Park because it’s just beautiful up there and I’ve got fond memories of hanging out there as a teenager. Then down to The Arches and get a cocktail at the Bootlegger. They do delicious cocktails

Then keep walking down into town, down to the water probably and wander down by Arnolfini and maybe have a pint there. Cross the bridge and get dinner in The Olive Shed; that’s extremely foody.

And then maybe walk further along into Hotwells and enjoy a pint over some music in The Nova Scotia. Pretty food oriented!

The Rivals demonstrates that Bath 1775 was clearly the place to be. Do you think Bristol would have the edge nowadays?
YES! I think Bristol would absolutely have the edge. There’s so much great theatre here with Bristol Old Vic and Tobacco Factory Theatres and loads of great music. Loads of great food, great shopping, great views, beautiful architecture. I’d say Bristol WELL has the edge. It’s a real mix and it’s all the better for it.

The Rivals continues our 250th Anniversary Season 9 Sep-1 Oct. For more information and to book tickets, click here.


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