The Grinning Man | 3 minutes with Ewan Black

With the cast hammering away in rehearsals, we had the chance to grab a few minutes with The Grinning Man‘s Ewan Black. Find out more about Black’s character and what the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School graduate is most looking forward to in this exclusive quick-fire interview.


You’re playing Lord Trelaw. Without giving too much away, how would you say you fit into the world of The Grinning Man?

Without giving to much away, I would say Trelaw is an important part in giving the Grinning Man the strength he needs to find his way and carry on fighting.

As a BOVTS graduate and winner of the Peter O’Toole prize, how does it feel to return to our stage for this show?

Its fantastic! I love this stage, this theatre and this city. I suppose I feel more confident as a professional actor but, as is life, I’m still learning more and more everyday, especially from this fantastic cast. Great to be back.

If you could be any other character, who would you choose to be and why?

I would like to be Reamus, I think he’s a very misunderstood character that actually has a lot to give to the world. He’s generous, willing and brave, has an alluring sense of style and monumental poker skills.

Do you have a favourite song within the show?

My favourite within the show is probably the whole of the end scene. I love the build through it and the music is beautiful.

What are you looking forward to most when the show debuts?

I’m looking forward to running the show and getting used to our characters and the show itself. I also play The Organ Grinder/Osric who pops up now and again. It will be fun to find new things with him I’m sure.

The Grinning Man is the gripping musical conclusion to our 250th Anniversary Season 13 Oct-13 Nov. For more info and to book tickets, click here.


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