The Snow Queen Rehearsal Diary – Week 2

Dylan Wood.jpgMischief, music and song have been taking over our building following a successful second week in rehearsals.
Here, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School alumni and Peter O’Toole Prize-winner Dylan Wood brings us up to date on all the latest antics from The Snow Queen rehearsal room.

Second week down with many more interesting discoveries, loads of fun and plenty of Lee’s tears as he continues to lose every game he suggests to play… he’ll never learn.

Music has been a huge part of this week. We’ve been learning new songs, nailing close harmonies, creating outrageous choreography and basically just having a blast. Gwyneth has her own little music room, you see, where all the beats and melodies come together. It’s always a pleasure being called in to her music room where we know we are about to be introduced to the next masterpiece she has written for the show. The EPIC number of the week being the Flower Witch’s song, ‘Everybody Needs A Body To Hug’. It is just cracking!

Nearing the end of the week we had the pleasure of hearing all the songs that Gwyneth had been working on. I guarantee you, you will leave with at least one song stuck in your head, they are all faaaaaar too catchy! Trust me, after I’ve left rehearsals, for the next 3 hours I’m still singing about best friends and goblins and flower witches. LOVE IT!

The Snow Queen at Bristol Old Vic Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet _80A4250.jpg

We have also managed to make our way through a lot of the first act this week. We are making good progress and already the show seems to just flow from one scene to the next as if by magic….. the magic of theatre – It’s a wonderful thing!

We start every scene by reading it again and going through exactly what it is your character wants and is doing at that particular point in the play. From then on it’s all about playing, improvising, getting the scene up on its feet, doing whatever comes naturally and bringing out the best in everyone involved.

Come Friday, we decided to go back and have a stagger through, from the top, of everything we have set so far, constantly discovering new things as we re-cap and make our show that little bit more… wait for it…. Magical!

We are on schedule, everything is looking and sounding good after a productive week as we exit the second and enter the third. There’s plenty more work still to do however! Us Goblins need to get our heads down into the script…

This Christmas we round off the year with our epic adaptation of The Snow Queen. For more information and to book tickets, click here.

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