The Snow Queen Rehearsal Diary – Week 4

Dylan Wood.jpgEmotions are still high as The Snow Queen company fought back smiles, laughter and tears (of joy) to reach the end of their first run-through.
Here, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School alumni and Peter O’Toole Prize-winner Dylan Wood brings us up to date on all the latest antics from The Snow Queen rehearsal room.

Veeeeeery much powering ahead now and, dare I say, I think we may actually be ahead of schedule! But hey, lets not jinx anything…
Lots of fantastic stuff came out of week 4 and we’ve made it to the end of the play. Wow!

Every single day we are now putting an hour or so aside each morning to go through the songs and choreography. As soon as we are all warmed up, we gather around the piano and sing through all the songs from the scenes we’ll be working on that day. This is a great way to make sure everything is ticking along nicely – tuning in those lovely harmonies, ready to sync them up with our show’s outrageous choreography .

The Snow Queen at Bristol Old Vic Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet _80A3413.jpg

Smiles, laughter and tears were all a huge part of this week (the tears were very much tears of joy, don’t worry) as we made our way through the ‘Robber Family’ scene, straight through to the grand finale. I definitely advise you to bring some tissues!
Lee, the Director, has managed to blend absolutely hilarious moments into these scenes that are outstandingly beautiful. These moments are dotted all over the place and, whenever I get the chance to sit back and have a look for myself, I get totally blown away.

Unfortunately, we had very little time for games this week. We’ve been battering through this play, getting so much work done and creating so many magical moments so the last thing we wanted to do was disrupt our flow. However, we did create a ‘4 Square’ court which is just dying to be used. I’ll be sure to fill you in with who has topped the ‘4 Square’ leader board by the end of week 5. But for now I guess Jess is still wearing the crown from week 4 – Game on!

So, going into week 5, we’ll have the vast majority of it to continue finessing and fine-tuning. I imagine we will do a couple of runs, then BOOM! it’ll be Friday and we can begin with Tech. Not long at all until we are up and running now. Far too exciting!

This Christmas we round off the year with our epic adaptation of The Snow Queen. For more information and to book tickets, click here.

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