Ferment Fortnight Preview | The Wardrobe Ensemble

Ferment Fortnight kicks off its biannual explosion of work-in-progress and scratch performances from 26 Jan. Here The Wardrobe Ensemble give us an inside look into the world of Education, Education, Education. Catch it on the Bristol Old Vic Stage Thu 2 Feb.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved with Ferment
Our company, The Wardrobe Ensemble, are Bristol born and bred, having formed through Bristol Old Vic’s very own Made in Bristol program in . This is our 3rd time performing a work-in-progress at Ferment – having taken early versions of our shows 33 and 1972: The Future of Sex there previously. It has become a key part of our process, particularly the feedback we get from the Ferment audiences, which is the first thing we look at when we take the show back into development.


How would you describe your latest show in the Ferment Fortnight?
Education, Education, Education is about the 90s, national mood, teachers and students, what we are taught and what we are not taught. It is about tamagotchis and school disco djs, staff rooms and where responsibility lies.

What do you expect the audience will take away from your piece?
We want to make a show which says something about what it means to be alive today, after the year we have just had, we are interested in the events which lead to a shift in national feeling. We hope the audience get a sense of that.


What’s been the biggest challenge/most exciting moment so far?
Honing 10 creative voices into one show is a challenge to say the least, but there are these amazing moments in our rehearsal room where we watch something that someone has made and we all just know that it has to be in the show. Those are our exciting moments.

What are you looking forward to most over the Fortnight?
We’re really looking forward to watching the other shows involved in Ferment. There are some really talented artists showcasing their work and some great new ideas. We’re particularly excited about WULF, the first show from Fen Theatre, Dennis of Penge by Annie Siddons and thank you for the tragedy from Ben Osborn, Nik Partridge and Emma Keaveny- Roys.

Ferment Fortnight takes place at The Wardrobe Theatre 26-28 Jan before returning to Bristol Old Vic 31 Jan-2 Feb. For more info and to book tickets, click here.


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