Medea – a word from the rehearsal room

Medea at Bristol Old Vic - Michelle Fox and Akiya Henry (Medea + Maddy) in rehearsals - Photographer Jack Offord - 7278

Michelle Fox (left) with Akiya Henry in rehearsals for Medea at Bristol Old Vic. Photo by Jack Offord.

We’ve been working like Trojans for the past four weeks, it’s been a bit of a blur! Between the six members of the acting company, we’re fully immersed in devising the music and movement in collaboration with George Mann (our Director) and everyone else in the rehearsal room. It takes a lot of time and energy, but hopefully it’ll be worth the pay off!

With so many women in the room, we’ve been helping each other through long days rehearsing, and coming up with some great ideas – even down to making the decision to put a snack selection in the corner of the room… (an excellent choice I believe).

Our version of Medea is a clash between the ancient world of Medea, and the modern world of Maddy. Writer Chino Odimba has worked on Maddy’s story, which sits perfectly alongside Robin Robertson’s translation of the ancient myth.

I’m playing three different characters – two in the ancient world and one in the modern world. The ancient text is all sung, and the chorus sings and underscores the entire show. No mean feat! We’re also trying to look after ourselves and keep everything sustainable for a seven show week.

I think it’s going to be a really great show and not what people will expect.

The female power is emanating out of this play, and the last couple of weeks in the rehearsal room before we open in the Theatre should be very interesting.

by Michelle Fox

Medea plays at Bristol Old Vic Theatre 5-27 May. For more info and to book tickets, click here.


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