Julius Caesar Cast Bio | Sarah

With the company now in rehearsals, we interview the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School actors cast to play alongside theatre professionals, Julian Glover and Lynn Farleigh in Julius Caesar.

Here we get to know Sarah, one of the Theatre School’s talented rising stars.


Sarah Livingston

BOVTS: Anna in Iceland (Directors’ Cuts, Wardrobe Theatre); Hostess in The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Liz Morden/ Lt. William Dawes in Our Country’s Good, Christian/Little Girl in Festen, Isabella in Measure for Measure, Elizabeth I in Vivat! Vivat Regina!
Pre BOVTS: Writer/performer in The News (The Courtyard Theatre); The Moon/Storyteller/Old Woman in The Dead Moon (The Ugly Duck); Maeve Sullivan in Blue Stockings, Edda/various in Footlights Pantomime: The Princess and the Pea, Hamlet in Hamlet (all ADC Theatre).

Where are you from and how did you get into acting?
I’m from London! I was a member of a wonderful theatre club called Dragon Drama from the age of 4 right through til I was 18. It was a very magical and freeing space, where we listened to ancient stories and made up our own and played and danced like wild things; anything went. It very much informed so much of how I approach acting and theatre now.

Who are you playing in Julius Caesar and what challenges have you faced in that role?
I’m playing Portia, Pleb 4 and one of Antony’s soldiers. Portia’s scenes could easily just be a general wash of hysterical, angry shouting so it was important to find the humanity and love between her and Brutus that existed in their marriage before the beginning of the play and let that be present in those particularly tense scenes. It’s fun, too, filling out the backstories for Pleb 4 and Antony’s soldier and having the freedom to decide who they are.

What’s your favourite thing about training at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School?
The friends I’ve made and the feeling of support you get from the school.

How does it feel to be taking the Bristol Old Vic stage in your graduating show?
Honestly, so cool. I think my Mum has told everyone we know about it.

This June we reunite with Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to present Shakespeare’s riveting political drama Julius Caesar. For more info and to book tickets, click here.


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