INKBLOC Ensemble Rehearsal Diary – Week 4

As INKBLOC Ensemble hurtle ahead with their theatrical vision we get a Week 4 update from company member Casey Lloyd. Here we find out all about their preparations ahead of their debut show LEGO Beach

Week 4 (1).jpg

As we approached the final week before intensive rehearsal, the excitement and buzz has certainly entered the rehearsal room for INKBLOC.

Having created some rather interesting work last week, we took focus on creating work based around the character’s given circumstances and whereabouts during the cargo spill. Claire and Krista, Our Director and Assistant Director, had instructed the members to create a free-written solo piece, answering questions such as “Where were you when the spill happened?” and “How has this event affected your life?”. We then took all these characters different stories and looked at bringing them to life in small ensembles. This particularly brought light to some of the questions surrounding character interaction, characterisation within an ensemble and narrative storytelling, with all members amalgamating a plethora of theatrical devices and techniques to stage each character’s journey.

On Friday, we spent the afternoon discussing all things plot, character and narrative with Tom Morris, the Artistic Director of the Bristol Old Vic. Tom in particular lead discussion from a “what if” and “why” perspective, really helping us to develop and finalise our plot and characters. This had particularly helped unpick any current confusion within the narrative and gave us a specific and clear focus for the next week ahead.

Stay tuned next week as we enter our intensive rehearsal period, as I’m sure as ever that through the great works of Claire, Krista and all members, there will be lots of exciting progressions made, as we hurtle towards our production of LEGO Beach!

INKBLOC Ensemble are this year’s resident Made in Bristol company – Bristol Old Vic’s theatre training course for ages 18-25. For more information about the programme, click here.


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