INKBLOC Ensemble Cast Bio | Maddie

Ahead of their debut show, LEGO Beach, we sat down with INKBLOC Ensemble to discover a little more about this year’s Made in Bristol troupe.

Here we caught up with Maddie to find out all about her Bristol Old Vic theatre background.


What have you been involved in at the Bristol Old Vic and outside of Made in Bristol?
Outside of Made in Bristol I work for Bristol Old Vic as a Box Office receptionist, and prior to this year I was part of Young Company, which I joined when I was twelve.

Where have you studied?
I came to Made in Bristol straight after my A-Levels.

What is this year for you?
For me this year was always something I knew I wanted to do, because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. As I’m undecided about where (if) I want to go on to higher education, I can’t really call this a gap year – at the moment it’s looking like I’ll have a gap of two or three years. So far Made in Bristol has been invaluable to me, as it has let me experience what it is like to rehearse in a working theatre.

Favourite thing about Made in Bristol/ INKBLOC?
My favourite thing about Made in Bristol is how we have the freedom to create anything we like. We’re not limited by usual logistical worries like hiring a rehearsal space or gaining the approval of a funding panel or a venue – we get a lot of support for that from the building and the Engagement Department. This allows us to concentrate on being creative, and seeing the variety of topics and styles that we have been able to experiment with is partly the reason INKBLOC has been so interesting this year.

Tell us something interesting?
I used to be a foil fencer…. En garde!

LEGO Beach is INKBLOC Ensemble’s debut show, on Walkabout at 1532 Performing Arts Centre 19-22 July. For more information and to book, click here


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