INKBLOC Ensemble Cast Bio | Jennie

Ahead of their debut show, LEGO Beach, we sat down with INKBLOC Ensemble to discover a little more about this year’s Made in Bristol troupe.

Here we caught up with Jennie to find out all about her Bristol Old Vic theatre background.

JenWhat have you been involved in at the Bristol Old Vic and outside of Made in Bristol?
I have been working Front of house at Bristol Old Vic, I’m incredibly excited and proud to be around a building that sees incredible talent day in day out.

What is this year for you?
This year is complete brilliance. I’ve stretched my creativity, imagination and passion toward making theatre even further than I thought possible. The progress that INKBLOC has been on is something that I will hold with me forever, and it’s only the beginning.

Favourite thing about Made in Bristol/ INKBLOC?
My favourite thing about INKBLOC is how well we connect with each other as a group, ideas bounce from one to the other, energy is sparked and lifts everyone up. There is an incredibly strong feeling of togetherness, helping the group as a collective thrive and devise fresh and original work.

Plans for the future?
From this moment in time, who knows what will happen in the future, spontaneity is the spice of life. However, I have a gut feeling that being part of INKBlOC and being lucky enough to have the tools, opportunities and guidance from the beginning, I know we are going to keep creating and experimenting with new stories and ideas because you can’t stop pursuing what you genuinely love. Especially when a company of 12 young theatre makers is formed!

Tell us something interesting?
I absolutely love anything creative, I really think imagination makes the world spin round. I love capturing this through photography, the camera is the all Seeing Eye, and in a split second you have caught a moment that will never be repeated and yet tells so much. I’m no professional photographer, but there’s something special behind the lens, a different perspective.

LEGO Beach is INKBLOC Ensemble’s debut show, on Walkabout at 1532 Performing Arts Centre 19-22 July. For more information and to book, click here


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