INKBLOC Ensemble Cast Bio | Francis

Ahead of their debut show, LEGO Beach, we sat down with INKBLOC Ensemble to discover a little more about this year’s Made in Bristol troupe.

Here we caught up with Francis to find out all about his Bristol Old Vic theatre background.

FrancisWhat have you been involved in at the Bristol Old Vic and outside of Made in Bristol?
I was about 13/14 when I had joined Bristol Old Vic, roughly a little after I had joined another group called Travelling Light Theatre Company. I was on and off at the Bristol Old Vic for about 6 years. Where have I studied joined when I was in year 9 at City Academy Bristol and all the way into 6th form then left the Old Vic for a year when I went to study a foundation course at Oxford School of Drama.

What is this year for you?
This year for me has been (although a little cheesy) a kind of journey for me…. or more like an emotional roller-coaster of likes and dislikes but so far its been a pretty decent time.

Favourite thing about INKBLOC?
I feel like I’m expected to say something like the fact that I have this amazing opportunity or that I’m being taught what its like to build a theatre company with our own unique style and all of which are true. But in all honesty it’s the people. Its one thing to learn from the people running the course but the fact that everyone on this course is so unique and has something interesting and beautiful to bring to each session is pretty flipping cool.

Plans for the future?
For now my plans are to get a better grip on life and study something new.

Tell us something interesting?
I have very messy hair, I nearly always wear my beanie and I like to doodle and sing.

LEGO Beach is INKBLOC Ensemble’s debut show, on Walkabout at 1532 Performing Arts Centre 19-22 July. For more information and to book, click here


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